ALWAYS DRY AEROSOL Super Waterproof Spray 200 ml

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The sprayed liquid from Always Dry Aerosol functions as invisible nano-scale film that shields your belongings from water and dirt. The sprayed objects will earn effective protection that lasts up to 6 month depending on the level of use. The high used objects may get slightly diminished in term of protection by the film. Fortunately, the protection efficiency can be re-boosted by re-spraying the objects. No need to wash the object before re-spraying; simply brush to cleanse them.

200 ml. Package

Applicable for approximately 5-6 pair of shoes depending on their size and material. For example, the leather shoes which have lower liquid absorption may need the higher amount of sprayed liquid than the canvas shoes.

Directions of Use

1. Cleanse the objects; make sure they are free from moisture and dirt before spraying them as these will affect the protection efficiency
2. Spray the object entirely keeping 10 cm. distance then rest for 10-15 minutes
3. Re-spray then rest for 6-8 hours ideally overnight, or while the objects are dry


1. Use the spray in the air-ventilating area
2. Keep the spray away from inflammable substances or objects and children. Also keep it in cool and dry place
3. No smoking while using the spray
4. Wash your hands immediately after using the spray
5. If there is allergy or irritation while using the spray, stop using it and see the doctor immediately