Beard Wax – Almond & Thyme 50 gm



The Man Company Beard Wax – Almond & Thyme 50 gm


  • 100% Natural
  • Free of Petroleum Jelly
  • Softens Beard
  • Strengthens Beard
  • Nourishes Beard
  • Helps in Styling

Beard Wax details

Style and nourish your beard, your way. Pamper it with the natural moisturizing benefits of Almond that is rich in Vitamin E and other beard-friendly nutrients that penetrate the hair to soften, strengthen and nourish it. Thyme lends a woody scent as well as phytonutrients vital for beard growth.

The Almond & Thyme Beard Wax works double duty to condition your mane while styling it at the same time.

Product Info

  • Available in a 50g jar
  • Contains Almond & Thyme
  • Contains other natural ingredients
  • Formulated in India
  • Pleasant, calming scent

Benefits of Beard Wax | Almond & Thyme

Helps style beard: Tame beard frizz and style your beard any way you want as this beard wax is high on the styling quotient.

Nourishes & promotes growth: Almond and Thyme provide nourishment to the beard hair, and are proven to promote growth of hair, so you can have a fuller looking beard.

‘Non-stiff’ and non-sticky look & feel: Since the beard wax is free of petroleum jelly and is made of natural ingredients, it doesn’t make your beard feel greasy and stiff and is easy to remove.

Tackles skin inflammation: The fatty acids in Almonds help in reducing inflammation of the skin under the beard.

Usage: Use once a day.
Quick Tip: Since the wax is 100% natural, you don’t need to worry about washing your beard for the stiffness from the wax. Time to show off that perfect groomed beard!


  • Step 1 Keep your beard clean and dry
  • Step 2 Scoop some beard wax on the back of your thumb
  • Step 3 Apply the wax thoroughly on your beard
  • Step 4 Use a comb to style your beard